Welcome to Activation Foods, artisanal producers of high-vibrational, organic, local, and seasonal superfoods.

Our specialty is creating unique products and deliciously divine menus that feature fermented, raw, live-cultured, sprouted, and wild-harvested ingredients fresh from the abundant Pacific Northwest.  Catered menus are designed specifically for each client with seasonality in mind, using organic & local ingredients, with plenty of gluten-free & special diet options, and a focus on wholesome & healing foods.  We are a creative and playful bunch, yet we’re serious about great food that makes you feel vibrant and satisfied.

We sell our artisan crafted live-cultured specialty products such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Probiotic Drinks at Farmer’s Markets, Natural Grocers, and Restaurants in and around Eugene, Oregon.  Private chef services, catering, festival vending, classes and workshops on the art of Fermentation and Activated Foods are also available. Please be in touch, Christina would love to talk to you about how we can bring more nutritious super-charged activation into your life ♥