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Christina Sasser, Founder

Activation Foods has been my dream for many years.  I have been a lover of organic, seasonal, and local food since I first moved to Oregon over 16 years ago.  I find the greatest connection to the earth, community, and my own body through eating, and I am so excited to share that connection through Activation Foods.

My love affair with whole foods began when I was 18, when I left home and began working in the Bay Area at my Aunt’s restaurant.  I discovered a world of flavors, ingredients, and sensations that completely opened me up to how pleasurable food could be.  Although I had been a vegetarian since age 13, I mainly ate a S.A.D. (Standard American Diet).  This discovery of flavors and fresh ingredients naturally combined with my love for the earth and animals, and soon led to my interest in the world of food politics.

In 2008 I moved to Lost Valley, an intentional community and eco-village just outside of Eugene.  It was there that my passion for fermented foods began. After picking up a copy of Wild Fermentation by Sandor Katz I became obsessed with experimenting. Soon I became immersed in the community of local home brewers, independent farmers, cheese makers, medicinal wildcrafters, and fermentation enthusiasts. With a shared passion for real, local, nourishing, and healing foods, we would constantly swap stories, ideas, knowledge, and inspiration.

Before long I began teaching classes and workshops on fermentation.  In close collaboration with the Willamette Valley Sustainable Foods Alliance, myself and a small group of fermenters organized the Fun with Fermentation Festival at the Wow Hall in January of 2009. It was a success, and continues to grow every year, and has become a wonderful community event showcasing local food artisans with fermented products, as well as workshops and lectures on the art of fermentation.

After several years working with my friends at Luna & Larry’s Coconut Bliss I was ready to launch my entrepreneurial dream of Activation Foods in 2012.  It is a culmination of my passion for vitality, healing, flavor, abundance, pleasure, love, and community. I trust that you will feel this intention and loving energy in the food that we share, and I thank you for your support.

Andrew Hitz

My journey with healing and activated foods began with a natural affinity for fermented foods.  I began my love affair with artisan cheese at a young age.  After moving to Chicago, IL in 2007 I began my first job as a cheesemonger at the Marion Street Cheese Market.  Having daily access to nearly 300 different artisan cheeses and specialty foods from around the world opened my mind to a knowledge set that I had never before imagined.  I headed back west in 2009 and settled in Eugene where I was introduced to a community of brewers, fermenters, farmers, and health foodies that was much different than the food world in Chicago.

I continued homebrewing and began exploring with other ferments like kimchi, kraut, kefir, cheese, yogurt, kombucha, jun, natto, etc. — anything that could be fermented, I’d try it.  Living in community and being surrounded by elders has now brought the importance of healing foods and community nourishment to my consciousness.  I view ferments as holding the key to healthy vitality and medicine that everyone should have access to.